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Chicken Island, Koh Tup, Koh Moore

Chicken Island

This island is also known as Koh Gai, Koh Kai and Koh Hua Khwan. Chicken Island has similar dimensions and is also a rock island. The comical name is acquired because of a kind of rock in the south of the island, whose shape resembles the outline of the chicken.

The coastline is rocky but has several beautiful reefs at the west of the island which are great for snorkeling. 

During low tide, Chicken Island can be reached from neighbouring islands Koh Mor and Koh Tub on the sand spit Talay Waek.


Table Island and Moore (Koh Tub and Koh Mor)

These two tiny islands, about 100 m. In diameter, are located within walking distance of Chicken Island, and joined by the sandy bank of Talay Wak.  During low tide, you can walk freely on this spit from one island to another, but even if you come to visit the island during high water, you will not have problems with overcoming distance, as the water is about knee-deep. Around the islands the seas water levels are quite shallow and there is an abundance of colorful fish, which you can not just walking along the sand without even getting in to the water. 

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