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Scuba Diving

Koh Lanta and surrounding waters and islands boast many of the best SCUBA diving sites in the region and are world class.  There are a dozen or so popular sites around Koh Phi Phi alone (about half an hour away).

 Koh Haa is the best spot if you have both SCUBA divers and snorkelers as there is a sheltered lagoon for snorkelers.  Around Koh Haa, for SCUBA divers, there is a labyrinth of caves and chimneys which are fascinating to explore, and there are some deep drop-offs where deep sea fishes can be seen, as well as reef corals and all sorts of sea life.  Hin Deang and Hin Muang are for the more experienced diver and you can sometimes see giant whale sharks and giant mantas in these areas.  Koh Bi Da and the King Cruiser Wreck are also quite popular sites.  We will help you plan your dive and a dive instructor will come to explain all details about your trip the day before you go.

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